6 Tasks to Do in Short-Term Rental Management in Annapolis, MD

6 Tasks to Do in Short-Term Rental Management in Annapolis, MD

Annapolis is one of the hottest destinations in the U.S. Northeast. Each year, more than two million visitors come to the home of the U.S. Naval Academy.

Whether visitors come to enjoy southern Maryland or see the Navy's football team in action, the demand for rental properties is strong. As a short-term property owner, you can reap the benefits of this strong demand.

Read on to learn 6 ways a short-term rental management company can help you in Annapolis, MD. Explore relevant topics such as how a short-term rental management company assists with property maintenance and other tasks.

1. Short-Term Rental Maintenance

Maintenance is one of the most essential services that a vacation rental company provides. As a property owner, you have a legal obligation to provide a safe and hospitable dwelling. To maintain a positive reputation, you also need to provide all the promised amenities.

A vacation rental management company can quickly arrive on the scene to investigate any maintenance requests. If it is beyond their repair capability, they will tap into a robust network of professional contractors. They have the skill set and connections to get you back up and running in short order.

2. Short-Term Rental Marketing

As a vacation property owner, you need to fill in as many days or weeks as possible. Maximizing occupancy is key to increasing your return on investment.

Rental marketing is a key component to booking all these spots. A professional company uses social media and other effective measures to advertise your property.

3. Short-Term Rental Rates

A vacation rental management company can help you set competitive rates. They will perform a detailed rental market analysis.

This includes analyzing comparative rental properties to establish an attractive daily or weekly rate. They will also offer promotional rates during the offseason to keep occupancy rates as high as possible.

4. Cleaning

Cleaning is an essential task with a vacation rental property. New tenants check in on a routine basis.

Each time a tenant checks out, the property needs a thorough cleaning. A short-term rental company can coordinate these cleanings to make sure your property is ready for each new tenant.

5. Short-Term Rental Property Software

Unlike long-term properties, vacation rentals deal with a multitude of tenants, bookings, and payments. It is not as easy as collecting 12 monthly rent payments.

A property management company has the software to handle volume. They are known for their organizational skills and for processing many requests at the same time.

6. Customer Service

Many tenants will lead to even more customer service inquiries. It is not an efficient use of a property owner's time to respond to each request.

Instead, it is best to outsource this task to a property management company. They can help maintain your property's reputation for professionally handling its customers.

Your Guide to Short-Term Rental Management

You now understand why a short-term property management company is a necessity. They handle many tasks from rental analysis to marketing. Property maintenance, cleaning, and customer service also fall under their company's roles.

PMI Annapolis has been successfully handling these tasks for decades. If you want to hire a short-term rental management company, contact us today at PMI Annapolis to speak with an expert.