Annapolis, MD Vacation Rental Cleaning Checklist: A Step-by-Step Guide

Annapolis, MD Vacation Rental Cleaning Checklist: A Step-by-Step Guide

Did you know that there are thousands of germs in every household? Even if your property looks visibly clean, there are still many unseen threats that exist if you don't have proper cleaning procedures.

If you own a vacation rental, you want your tenants to leave good reviews and have a positive experience. A vacation rental cleaning checklist is the perfect solution for keeping your unit clean and tidy.

Here are some items to have on your checklist every time you clean your unit.

Restock Your Amenities

Make a list of how many of each amenity you need to have for every occupant. When you check your supply, add enough to keep it stocked.

A good rule of thumb is to calculate how much you think your tenants will need, and then add extra. It is better to have too much of something like toilet paper or soap than to not have enough.

Place your amenities in a location that is easily accessible, and make sure to let occupants know where to find them.

Have the Right Supplies on Hand

The tools you need for vacation rental kitchen cleaning are different than what is required for bathrooms or sunporches. You should compile a list of all the materials you will need for every surface of your rental.

Go Room by Room

To ensure you clean thoroughly, take it room by room. You can make a list of tasks for each room and devote the proper amount of time and attention to that space.

Put your vacation rental cleaning equipment in a cart or carrier that is easy to transport. You can bring it from room to room so you don't scatter your cleaning supplies everywhere.

Focus on High-Traffic Areas

Give extra attention to areas and surfaces that you know get a lot of traffic. Some of these include doorknobs, kitchen countertops, seating areas, and toilet handles.

Hire a Housekeeping Service

Sometimes cleaning doesn't fit into your schedule. In this case, you can outsource your cleaning to a housekeeping or maid service.

This has two benefits: You can let the professionals handle the vacation rental cleaning, and you do not have to show up to the unit between occupancies.

If you work with a property management company, they can coordinate with housekeeping services to make sure your rental is spotless. You will not have to do any of the work or worry about the quality of service.

Use This Vacation Rental Cleaning Checklist

A vacation rental cleaning checklist is a great way to ensure your unit is always spotless. With this guide, you can keep the good reviews rolling in and avoid dirty rental property.

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